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Leoben Conoy
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Name: Leoben Conoy aka Two
Species: Cylon
Series: Battlestar Galactica

In Canon: Leoben is a humanoid Cylon agent who portrays himself as possessing philosophical and religious enlightenment. Meanwhile he delights in playing mind games by engaging in disorienting and poetic discourse that entwines truth and lies. (Thanks, Wikipedia!)

In The 27th: Leoben currently resides in Chicago, his past shrouded in mystery. It is known that he originally hails from Northern Ireland and was briefly a member of the Provisional IRA, although his accent has been Americanized in the years since. Following his immigration to the US, he traveled from city to city, taking on a variety of careers. In Chicago, he works for a local arms dealer and is a well-known informant (and sometimes transient), although his information is only semi-reliable and often cryptic. He is a highly devout Christian who views himself as a modern-day prophet and volunteers at a local church.

((Not real. For the_27th_rpg and bsg_dressing.))